ア式蹴球部 Twitterオフィシャル英語アカウント開設のお知らせ



Hello, Everyone!

The Waseda University Soccer Club has started an official English twitter account!!

An English twitter account is a challenge to university sport teams in Japan, with no other teams taking the challenge.

Now is the time, we reach out to seek contact with international students at Waseda, which we believe will make playing soccer here at the Waseda University Soccer Club of great significance.

There are two main reasons why we are starting this English version.

One is that we have team members who are contributing to soccer teams both in domestic and in international games.

Two players from Waseda University Soccer Club have participated in the18th Asian Games. There are no other teams in Japan, including professional clubs, that have more than one player having participated in the Games. Ryosuke Kojima, senior (faculty of sports science), selected as member of the Japan national team, has won the silver medal. Ryan Hyoju, sophomore (faculty of sports science), selected as member of the DPR Korea national team, made it to the quarter finals.

Ryosuke Kojima won the 2016 AFC U-19 Championship, and was then selected as member of the Japan national team for 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup. He played in all games and advanced to the round of 16.

Yuki Soma, senior (faculty of sports science), and Kohei Tomita, senior (faculty of sports science), have already started playing in in the J League, professional soccer league, in Japan. We have other soccer players with great talent. Our team has sent out in the past many well-known soccer players.

There are dozens of former members who are/were professional soccer players, or having a great career outside of soccer, which we believe is the result of good teamwork and mindset earned during the years spent on our team.

Our ambition for our club’s integrity becoming known worldwide starts by taking this first step, starting the English version twitter.

Reason number two is the fact that Waseda University has approximately 5000 students from all over the world. This is by far the greatest among universities in Japan. At Waseda, we have the opportunity to study with students from various countries. The existence of international students, a variety of thoughts and backgrounds become integrated, and that’s what makes Waseda.

However, if we were to be questioned if there exists a global environment on the Waseda University Soccer Club, the answer would be no.

Here we are, taking this step forward.

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小島は2016年のU-19アジア大会で優勝し、その後の2017 U-20ワールドカップでも全試合フル出場を果たし、世界屈指のヤングスターに対しベスト16という結果を残しました。